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See our guest post at the New America Foundation: Equality and Justice for All Families.


2013 End-of-year Appeal

on December 3rd, 2013 at 2:46:16 AM

December 2013

Dear Friends,

This has been a very good year for Family and Home Network, and we’re looking forward to a great year in 2014 – when we will celebrate our 30th anniversary!

Family and Home Network’s mission is, simply stated: we focus on helping families spend generous amounts of time together.

We’ve been thrilled to see more attention being paid recently—in policy discussions and in the media—to the impact of parenting. Research evidence shows that the most effective way to help young children is to help their parents. And 33% of parents say they want more time with their children (The Pew Research Center, “Modern Parenthood” 3/14/13).

Unfortunately, there are many work/family activists who strive to keep policymakers’ focus on getting parents to remain in the paid workforce and on providing more child care services. Media stories examine the barriers to parental employment, but not the barriers to at-home parenting.

Here at Family and Home Network we focus on parent/child time together, and on the experiences of parents who forgo or cut back on paid employment in order to care for their children. This includes at-home mothers, at-home fathers, parents who work part-time or couples who “tag-team” (working different hours so they can take turns caring for their children)—there are so many ways parents, and sometimes grandparents, care for children.

We conceptualize our work in three parts: advocacy, information and affirmation. Your support is vital in enabling us to continue our work.

Please support Family and Home Network with a generous year-end, tax-deductible donation!

Advocacy in 2013: as a result of my attendance at policy events and my questions and comments, I was invited to contribute a guest blog to a major Washington, DC think tank, the New America Foundation. FAHN’s Board of Directors worked with me on draft after draft, contributing ideas and editing. The blog post, "Equality and Justice for Families" was published on the New America Foundation website in July. And it is cross-posted on Peggy O'Mara's website (Peggy is the founder of and long-time publisher of Mothering magazine.)

I also wrote a letter to the editor in response to the article “Can American Women Have it All and Be Happy?” by Lin-Yi Zhou in The Forum, the quarterly magazine of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society. My letter "Parenting is Vital Work" was published in the Fall 2013 issue.

Family and Home Network offers information and affirmation for parents through our website and weekly postings on Facebook and other social media—and our collaborations with other nonprofit organizations enable us to alert parents to many timely issues. Our Transitioning Home workshops help at-home parents make the transition from a focus on career to life at home with a baby. We look at the “being” as well as the “doing” parts of at-home parenting. Essays from the archives of Welcome Home stand the test of time and continue to offer much-appreciated insight and support to new parents.

Our website serves as a clearinghouse of information for parents, as well as for media representatives and policymakers.  In 2013 we added articles about the latest scientific research on the power of emotional and social competencies, and on effective programs to strengthen parent/child relationships in order to prevent or treat trauma. On our Resource pages we provide brief notes and links on an ever-growing number of topics (don’t miss our Holiday Resources page).

Our very long “to do” list for 2014 and beyond includes: writing articles, building support for inclusive family policies among the public and policymakers, and expanding the reach of our Transitioning Home workshops. We’d love to hear your feedback, questions and ideas—and if you’d like to get involved in our work as a volunteer, please let me know!

Please help us continue to build on our decades of work: give a generous end-of-year contribution today. Thank you!


Catherine H. Myers

Executive Director

P.S. We love helping parents and children. We can only continue because of the support you give with your donation (every contribution, no matter the amount, helps!).  We all work as volunteers, and we operate with a bare-bones budget (approximately $5,000/year – covering insurance, technology costs, bookkeeping services, office supplies, etc.). If you’d like more information about our finances, please let me know.