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See our guest post at the New America Foundation: Equality and Justice for All Families.


About Family and Home Network

The national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization Family and Home Network helps families spend generous amounts of time together by offering affirmation, information and advocacy.  Founded by three at-home mothers in 1984 (and originally named Mothers at Home) this grassroots organization counts on volunteers to accomplish its work and relies on member contributions to cover its modest operating costs.

Family and Home Network fosters a respectful exchange of ideas, parent-to-parent communication, support and understanding.  Volunteers bring a wealth of education, expertise and experience to Family and Home Network, and new members are encouraged to get involved in the organization’s work.

For 22 years, we published the award-winning journal Welcome Home. Much of the content on this website was originally published in Welcome Home.

Our work addresses the needs of:

Children – we learn about research on nurturing and emotional growth, and share that information with parents, policy makers and the media.

Parents – we offer the means for parents to connect so they can provide information, support and community to each other. We offer publications written and edited by parents, for parents.

Society – we educate policy makers and the media about the research on children and parents, and about policies that discriminate against families who provide “quality care” for their own children.

You’ll notice there are no advertisements on our site – we believe parents need a refuge, a peaceful place to connect with each other and to recharge. Member donations support our work.  

Please enjoy the free articles and other resources we offer on our website. Please sign up for our free E-News - stay in touch with us and share YOUR expertise and experience!

A volunteer Board of Directors oversees the work of Family and Home Network.

Our Vision:
Universal recognition of the critical importance of parents’ emotional engagement with their children; societal support for the need of parents and children to spend generous amounts of time together; profound respect for parents who make these commitments and acknowledgement of the short- and long-term benefits to society.

Our Mission:

  • Advocate for parents and children of all ages concerning their need for generous amounts of time together; 
  • Affirm the choice to be home through the many stages of parenthood to nurture children of all ages;
  • Provide parent-to-parent support, education and networking;
  • Correct society’s misconceptions and refute stereotypes about parenting;
  • Encourage respect for the contributions made by each parent, as couples share decisions regarding nurturing and providing for their families;
  • Empower all parents to preserve and improve the opportunity to forgo or cut back on paid employment; and
  • Educate society about the benefits of parents and children being emotionally engaged and spending generous amounts of time together.
  • For 22 years, Family and Home Network published a monthly journal, Welcome Home, which won national recognition for excellence including four Parents’ Choice Awards. Much of the material on our website was originally published in Welcome Home.

Please support our ongoing work, with your financial contribution and/or your volunteer time.