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End-of-Summer Update

on September 5th, 2012 at 1:10:46 PM

It’s been quiet here because we were very busy this summer with our families. We all work as volunteers, and we try to live by our values: time with family is the most important thing, so sometimes we just have to put our work on the back burner! Now we're happy to be spending some of our time focused on FAHN again.

We are shifting the traditional question we ask children (what did you do this summer?) to ourselves, with a focus on favorite “family together” times. Our Board and volunteers are sharing their favorite summer time memories, please tell us yours! 

- Cathy Myers, Executive Director


(We are also posting this on our Facebook page - please comment in either or both places!)


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A couple of times this summer my husband and I were able to take our grandchildren, ages 5 and 2, to visit his parents, who are both ninety-three years old. We had to think hard about the logistics of meeting everyone’s needs regarding energy levels, activities, safety, snacks, and naps—but it was so worth the effort. The boys’ play, their enthusiasm and questions evoked happy memories for my in-laws of raising their own three boys so many years ago.

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