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About our photographs

We use photographs to illustrate our webpages, our social media posts, email newsletters, and occasionally in print. We would love to have some of your photographs to use.

Photographs are used "anonymously" - we don't ask you for any identifying information - this is in part to protect your privacy.

If you're a professional photographer interested in letting us use some of your photographs free in exchange for a link to your website, please send us a message using our contact form.

Here are some of the things we aim to illustrate through photos:

- the importance of relationships. Nurturing interactions - parent & child together (or grandparent, other family member and child) - the point is that children need nurturing relationships in order to thrive.   

- the value of time. Relationships need time to develop, moments of connection cannot be scheduled. Important aspects of life require time: play, experiencing the natural world, interacting with extended family, friends, community. Time and connection with older kids and teens: what works for your family?

- the dignity of unpaid work. Feeding, dressing, bathing the kids? Cleaning house? Arranging for medical care, for education, for fun? Preparing for outings or getting to classes? Staying in touch with family and friends? Building connections in the local community? Growing food, home repairs, DIY projects - by choice or by necessity?

These can be tough things to illustrate through photographs, we're asking you to think deeply about this. We know these are not the kinds of photos most often taken—that is part of the challenge!

Please read some of our essays and articles, imagine what kind of photograph YOU might want to see there - and volunteer some time by looking through your family's photos and choosing some to share with us. We can only accept digital submissions. Please send us a message using the contact form, and we'll let you know how to upload your photos.

We are also looking for a photo editor or two photo editors - please let us know if you're interested in doing this creative volunteer job! Thank you!