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Parent-child Interactions Build Brains

September 8, 2019
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The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University offers lots of great information online, including these short videos about early child development and the importance of two-way interactions:

From the very earliest weeks, you can "serve and return" with your baby: 5 Steps to Brain-Building Serve and Return 

Dad and baby looking at each other in a mirror and laughing

Play is healing and wonderful for all ages - and especially important for building healthy brains, starting in infancy. Here's a playful reminder: Building Babies' Brains Through Play 

A 5-part video series (total about 30 minutes) about the importance of the early years in child development: Child Development Core Story

Helping parents notice the ways they're already interacting with their children, Dr. Philip A. Fisher encourages more of these brain-building interactions. Parenting for Brain Development


Also see Family and Home Network's article "Children's Needs".


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