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Transitioning Home Workshops

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Red heart and the words "Transitioning Home six-week workshop for at-home parents"Family and Home Network offers Transitioning Home workshops for parents who want to explore ideas, feelings, and experiences and learn about tools and resources. For parents who choose - or are considering the choice - to be an at-home parent as well as for those who were pushed or led home by circumstance.

The workshops and all materials are free.

Eight to twelve participants and a facilitator meet via video conferencing for 90 minutes once a week for six weeks. There are readings and reflections to do between meetings. Topics include:

· Expectations, personal identity and the potential for personal growth; 

· The needs of infants and the critical importance of intimate, two-way mother-infant and father-infant relationships;

· Myths and realities of a home-based life and of sequencing (someday returning to paid employment), thinking about personal values;

- Financial considerations, sharing/dividing tasks and roles with a spouse or partner;

· Family, community, cultural and societal influences;

- Public policies and advocacy: inclusiveness, equality, freedom.

There are materials for reading between meetings, reflection/writing opportunities, and both individual and group exercises. 

The workshops meet online in our Family and Home Community, please join our community: 

Family and Home Community

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