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Resolution on Inclusive Family Policies

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February 8, 2021
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A resolution for individuals, governing bodies, organizations or businesses.

Resolution on Family Policies for ALL

WHEREAS, All families with children are engaged in the same essential task of raising children; and

WHEREAS, Reliable data shows that parents care for their children in diverse ways and many prefer to provide care themselves or share caregiving with their spouse, other family members, or another trusted person; and

WHEREAS, The task of caring for children has value, whether care is provided by paid professionals or by parents, grandparents, family members or another person; and

WHEREAS, Families incur costs in caring for children, regardless of how care is provided; and

WHEREAS, Families often change their care arrangements as their families grow and change; and

WHEREAS, Flexibility and choice in care arrangements is critically important to many families, especially for those whose children have special needs, those families who live in rural areas or those parents who labor nonstandard hours required by workplaces such as hospitals, hospitality industry, emergency services, and others; and

WHEREAS, Family policies crafted to support all care for children support parents’ choices about care, offer flexibility needed by families, and are equitable; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That ______________________________________________ calls for inclusive family policies which support all care for children.









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